Take Your Event to
the Next Level with NoMo.

Lease portable batteries and rental technology to keep attendees charged on the go at your next event.

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Our Process
How NoMo Works

Attendee goes to a designated rental area.

Attendee requests to borrow a portable battery.

Staff member uses NoMo’s technology to check out a fully-charged portable battery and cable to the attendee in less than 30 seconds.

Once charged, attendee returns battery and cable before leaving the event.

Benefits of Using NoMo
Better than current charging solutions.
Most charging stations require attendees be stationary or leave a phone behind.
Easy to implement.
Hire our staff to handle the event from start to finish or lease our technology and train your staff using our easy on-boarding guide.
Social sharing.
Increase social engagement to generate more buzz about your event.
Portable, sleek and safe.
We use best-in-class portable chargers and cables to ensure safety and a fast charge.
Sponsorship offering.
Generate additional revenue by allowing a sponsor to white-label the batteries.
Our high quality batteries can be reused up to 500 times.